The Pretty Ryhthm franchise takes place in a world where "Prism Shows," performances that are a combination of singing, dancing, fashion, and ice skating, are popular. The skaters, known as Prism Stars, use Prism Stones to coordinate their dresses and perform Prism Jumps to appeal to their fans.

Aurora DreamEdit

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Aurora Dream revolves around a girl named Aira Harune who, along with a girl named Rizumu Amamiya, is scouted to become a Prism Star. Joined by a veteran Prism Star, Mion Takamine, they form a group called as MARs and work towards Rizumu's dream of performed the mysterious, legendary Prism Jump, Aurora Rising, that her mother had once performed.

Dear My FutureEdit

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Dear My Future takes place three years after Aurora Dream and follows a new idol, Mia Ageha, who aspires to become a greater idol than Aira. Forming her own group, Prizmmy, alongside her friends Reina, Karin and Ayami, she works hard fervently to reach her goal and fulfill her dream.

Rainbow LiveEdit

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Rainbow Live is an upcoming series following Dear My Future, though much has yet to be said about it.

Pri ParaEdit

Pri Para  the next series of the Rainbow Live