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Mia Ageha is a perky and lively 14 year old girl who is the new main character of Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. Having her eyes set on Aira and beating her, she tries her best and never gives up to reach her goal by first getting into Pretty Top. She calls Penguin Sensei, Pen-Chan Sensei and Yunsu, Rival Boy. Her attitude toward her dreams impresses the people around her. She is shown to have a somewhat talent for the Prism Show like Aira. Her will is "Kido Airaku!" (Motivation, Courage, Love and Luck). Her catchphrase is "Mia is the best!". She has long, wavy purple hair with a bow on the side of her hair. Mia aims to be the top in everything she tries to do and will go to many lengths to do it. She likes Prism Ace (also, she is the only one who doesn't know Prism Ace is Takigawa Jun). Mia's Prism Jumps are "Kirameki Future Star" (Episode 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 19, 20, 24), "Stardust Shower" (Episode 19, 24), "Kirameki Future Star Evolution" (Episode 21, 24, 25, 26), "Kirameki Future Star Evolution 2" (Episode 31), "Kirameki Future Star Evolution 3" (Episode 34), "Fly High Cheer Girl" (performed with Chae Kyung, Episode 35), "Kirameki Future Star Evolution 4" (Episode 37), "Kirameki Future Star Evolution 5" (Episode 41), "Kirameki Future Star Revolution" (Episode 44), "Act Trying" (Episode 10), "Prism Act" (Dream Flower Revolution, performed with So Min and Chae Kyung, Episode 31, 34) and "Prism Act" (Throbbing Memorial Heart For You!, performed with So Min and Chae Kyung, Episode 35), and "Prism Act" (Passion Symphonia, Episode 44).[1]