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The youngest girl in the study abroad team, Jae Eun is one of the girls who came abroad from Korea to study the art of Prism Shows at the Pretty Top agency in the anime, Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. Jae Eun is a natural airhead, and is more than a bit clumsy. A sweet and honest 13 years old girl. She falls in love easily with boys that she thinks is really handsome or has a "Paku-paku" atmosphere like, Itsuki in episode 5, an unknown boy in episode 5, Sho in episode 20 and Chef Shiotani in episode 33. She has a habit of saying "Paku-paku". Jae Eun went to the same school with Reina in episode 5. Her best friend in Prizmmy☆ is Reina. Her Prism Jumps are "Colorful Choco Parade" (performed with Shi Yoon, Episode 13, 14, 16, 18), "Happy Macaroon Spin" (Episode 26, performed with Hye In, Episode 17, performed with Shi Yoon, Episode 19), "Sparkling Blooming Love Flowers" (performed with So Min, Episode 20), "Pop'n Candy Rocket" (performed with Shi Yoon, Episode 24), "Paku-Paku Love Earth" (Episode 27, 33, 36), "Fly High Cheer Girl (performed with Chae Kyung, Episode 40, 42, 43, 45), "Taiyou (Sun)" (Episode 45), "Prism Act" (Shall We Dance?, performed with Reina and Ayami, Episode 27), "Prism Act" (Shall We Love? Propose!, performed with Reina and Ayami, Episode 33) and "Prism Act" (One-way Road, performed with Reina and Ayami, Episode 36).[1]