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Chae Kyung is a study-abroad 16 years old student from Korea that has come to Japan and Pretty Top to learn the art of Prism Shows in the anime, Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. Chae Kyung is a refreshing girl who comes from a house with lots of money. She's good at finding diamonds in the rough, but has a problem with thinking she can solve everything with money. She's the kind of girl who thinks she's a celebrity, and pushes her way through. Her best friend in Prizmmy☆ is Ayami. Most of Puretty's expenses are paid by her and her family. She is Yunsu's little sister. Her mother was a genius actress and wanted to make her proud in being one (she was jealous that her brother impressed her with his designer drawings). However after winning the film audition and having to choose between acting and Prism Star, she realized that being a Prism Star makes her really happy and gain caring friends. Her Prism Jumps are "Pop'n Candy Rocket" (performed with So Min, Episode 13, 14, 16, 17, performed with Shi Yoon, Episode 20), "Crystal Splash" (Episode 18), "Pink Dolphin Venus"(performed with So Min, Episode 19), "Gorgeous Jewelry Paradise" (Episode 23, 26), "Hat Trick Star" (performed with So Min, Episode 24), "Sparkling Blooming Dream Flowers" (performed with So Min, Episode 31), "Fly High Cheer Girl" (performed with Mia, Episode 35, performed with Jae Eun, Episode 40, 42, 43), "Celebrity Jewelry Paradise" (Episode 37), "Umi (Sea)" (Episode 45), "Prism Act" (Dream Flower Revolution, performed with Mia and So Min, Episode 31, 34) and "Prism Act" (Throbbing Memorial Heart For You!, performed with Mia and So Min, Episode 35).[1]