Aira Harune
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Aira Harune

Age (Aurora Dream)


Age (Dear My Future)



September 3,1997


Yokohama, Japan

Animal Coach


Anime Debut

Episode 1(Dear my future,Aurora Dream)



Family Members

Omi Harune (Mother)
Itsuki Harune (brother)
Uru Harune (Sister)
Eru Harune (Sister)

Aira Harune is a junior high school girl who one day was scouted by a man named Jun to be a Prism Star. She was born on September 3, 1997. She is very clumsy, naive, and not very good at sports, but she is very optimistic and considerate of others. Also, Aira is a huge fan of Mion, calling her "Mion-sama" for quite some time. She has a younger brother, Itsuki, who teases her and two little twin sisters, Uru and Eru, who always cheer her on. Aira's strongest suit is fashion, being very good at coordinating clothes and having the ability to her them "sing", and she may have gotten her talent from her mother, Omi Harune, who formerly was a Prism Show stylist. She is a fan of clothes from Prism Stone, a store run by Shō from Callings whom Aira has a crush on. She claims that she loves Shō's designs, not him, though it is obvious to Rizumu and Mion that she does indeed like him. She had gone on a date with Shō to the fireworks festival. It is clear to Rizumu and Mion (and the audience) that she likes Shō. Her father tends to be overprotective of her, which is a running gag throughout the series, such as the odd fashions he forces on her and how he tries to keep Shō away from her. Aira's Prism Jumps are "Fresh Fruits Basket" (ep. 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 31, 35, 41, 46), "Heart-Pounding Experience" (ep. 4, 8, 34), "Heartful Splash" (ep. 9), "Lovely Rainbow" (ep. 10, 11), "Bloom-Bloom-Blooming Love Flowers" (ep. 12, 34), "Crystal Splash" (ep. 19), "Miss Fairy Girl" (ep. 41, 46, 47), "Valentine Sweets Parade" (ep. 44), "Fresh Fruits Paradise" (ep. 47, 50) and "Aurora Rising Dream" (ep. 50). Prism Jumps in Dear My Future include: "Heart-Pounding Experience" (ep. 5), "Fresh Fruits Planet" (ep. 11, 31), "Mugen Hug Eternal" (ep. 29, 38 ), "Aurora Rising Dream" (ep. 44), "Prism Act" (Happy Smile Girls, ep. 10, 31) and "Prism Act" (Road To Symphonia, ep. 38, 39, 40, 41, 42).[1]

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